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Presentation of the project

The SURFAS project started in February 2017 and will finish in May 2021.It is financed with 1 283 209.92 euros by the FEDER program.

The interest for communicating devices (CDs) is increasing rapidly because of the large and yet essential services they offer as internet, wireless health care, home automation, wireless access controlling systems, alarms, etc. Proposing energy-efficient disruptive solutions for powering future CDs is the common challenge of the FCE zone the SURFAS project is intended to tackle.

The objective is to design a zero-power consuming electronic surface able to optimally focus ambient electromagnetic (EM) waves on the appropriate receiver in order to enable both self-powered CDs and improve their performances (sensitivity, range, rate). Such a system is new and missing in the market. It is expected to decrease the energy bill of the FCE zone by more than 5.9GWh a year, while saving 14.9 million € by just considering (but not limited to) both applications over Wi-Fi boosters and smoke alarms.

For these targeted applications two prototypes will be designed, fabricated, experimentally tested, validated over two demonstrators, and transferred to interested SMEs (more than 217 in the FCE zone) developing various kinds of CDs:

Our consortium

The SURFAS consortium consists of 4 partners from France and the UK, ESIGELEC being the project leader.

Engineering school and laboratory specialized in embedded systems
University of Surrey
Leading university located within the county town of Guildford, Surrey in the South East of England
Development expert in innovation projetcts
University of Kent
Public research university based in Kent, United Kingdom



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