Design methodology of single-layer wideband notch antenna with interdigital capacitor

Name of the conference: Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC)

Date of publication: 2018

Abstract: This paper presents a design methodology of a single-layer wideband notch antenna matched with an integrated interdigital capacitor. The advantages are simplicity of the design (single layer), ease of fabrication, and hence cost-effectiveness compared to existing works based on microstrip-fed (double-layer) and coaxially-fed (3D-shaped) slot antennas. The design procedure is detailed and practically implemented over a prototype that exhibits comparable size (0.0063 square wavelength for the radiator with the matching circuit, 0.117 square wavelength for the ground), bandwidth (56.4%) and efficiency (81-93%) as the most significant performances of existing slot antennas.

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