Maxim Shkunov

Maxim Shkunov is Senior Lecturer at the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey with a range of research, teaching, and administrative duties. His area of research interests can be described as “Printed electronics with solution processable nanomaterials and organic semiconductors”. This is a platform for the development of novel devices for large area electronic applications in strategic directions in Energy, Environment and Health. Research activities are aimed at developing printed large area electronics at Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey in synergy with other University Departments, and key collaborations with industrial and academic partners worldwide specialising in RF and microwaves, nanomaterials, sensor applications, metrology, nanoparticle inks, organic semiconductors. He has more than 120 publications, including articles in peer reviewed journals, book chapters and patents, with publication h-factor of 29.

Areas of research include: printable device applications for reconfigurable RF-microwave electronics, integrated energy harvesting from various renewable energy sources for self-powered portable devices and sensors, large area flexible electronics, transparent conductors, printable supercapacitors, nano-structured interfaces, environmental and biological nano-sensors, self-assembly methods for high-performance semiconducting nano-based devices, nano-scale high resolution scanning probe techniques, advanced solution deposition techniques for semiconducting nanoparticles and conjugated molecules and high-resolution ink-jet printing.

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