Mohamed Fall

Mohamed Fall obtained his PhD in Electronics (microelectronics option) in 2002 at the University of Lille 1. He joined NXP-Semiconductors (formerly Philips) in Caen, France, in 2001, as a design engineer on 2G and 3G radio frequency integrated circuits for mobile applications. He will mainly work on the development of radio frequency integrated circuits (2001-2006), power management integrated circuits for Solid State Lighting (2006-2008), then semi-conductor-based passive silicon integrated systems for mobile telecommunications (2008-2010). In 2010 he founded GreenSysTech (GST), which operates in self powered electronic device (Smart energy usage), thanks to ambient energy harvesting (photonic, vibratory or thermoelectric, magnetic). On these objects for which, the choice of the protocol and the frequency of wireless data transmission, is among others a critical step, GST has a real know-how, materialized by the filing of 5 patents to the EPO and the US.

Mohamed is now specialized in the design of autonomous connected objects in energy, a design that places energy at the center of the design and which calls for compromises between the sensors, the power management circuits, the power usage profile, and the optimization of the frame structures in order to place the maximum of useful information without degrading the range in the case of LPWA protocols such as Lorawan.