Shavini Wijesuriya received her BSc at Southampton University, UK in Biomedical Sciences in 2009. She went on to do her MSc at Brunel University, London in Biomedical Engineering in 2011, during which time her MSc thesis was awarded first prize and focused on the use of nanomaterial for implantable sensors. She also received a full PhD scholarship at Brunel University in Biomedical Engineering, 2012. Her PhD involved the bottom-up synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles and the electrohydrodynamic creation of synthetic nanofibers for use in quantum photonics, for proof-of-concept work on lab-on-a-chip applications. From her work within her MSc and PhD she has 3 journal publications.

She has worked as a research assistant for a home-office funded project for using nanomaterial for alcohol and drug detection using an optical transduction method and created solid phase extraction filters for separation of analytes from biological matrices. The work she did within this project was presented at an international conference (Electrostatics of America) and won 1st prize in 2015.
Post her PhD she was a Material Scientist and then Lead Scientist 2016-2017 for a biomedical engineering company (Avectas ltd.,) that had a branch that sold electrohydrodynamic instruments for nanomaterial fabrication (Spraybase). Within the role she led projects, aided in instrument design and undertook proof-of-concept work on a range of material from synthetic, natural, conductive and biocompatible polymers for a range of applications in biomedical engineering: medical devices, drug delivery, artificial organs, filters and biosensors.

In her current role as Product Development Scientist at Intrinsiq Materials Ltd., 2017, she is involved in the formulation of inks and pastes for electronic applications, primarily focused on copper nanoparticles. Intrinsiq Materials Ltd., is an advanced nanomaterial company and as such she is involved in projects that apply conductive inks and pastes for use within fields such as OLED’s or advanced inkjet printing using electrohydrodynamics.

Within Surfas, her role is to aid in ink and paste formulation for better print designs conceived by fellow partners.